Hebridean Sheep Sales

Sorry we don’t have any Hebrideans for sale. We are building up our stock so everything is being kept for stock and any not good enough are being sold through our Butchers shop in Perth or at the Farmers markets in Montrose and Forfar. www.highlanddrovers.co.uk

When we do have stock for sale, transport at cost can be arranged anywhere in the UK at cost if needed.

Hebridean lamb has a unique and distinct flavour. In fact our Shepherd commented on eating it for the first time “I grew up eating heather reared west coast lamb, this Hebridean blows it away, what a taste!”


A unique and unusual gift idea for someone with a discerning taste.

Go on give it a try. Please contact Kenneth for more details or if you have any questions kenneth@highlanddrovers.co.uk 07789 301751

Hebridean Lamb – Now back in stock – Orders now taken – call 07789 301751

We have a small number of Hebridean Sheep available at approximately 18months old. This is the perfect age for the combination of tenderness, flavour and size
Enjoy the unique flavour of Hebridean lamb at only £140 for a whole lamb or £80 for half.

Typical Whole Hebridean Lamb box contains:
2 Boned and rolled Shoulders, 2 whole legs (or 4 halved) Single Loin chops (or if preferred a 2 racks of lamb) Double loin chops. 2 lamb shanks and either approximately 0.5kg of mince or diced lamb
This offer is available nationwide with the meat being butchered to your requirements and packaged by the licensed and highly skilled staff at Highland Drovers of Perth. All products are vacuum packed weighed and labelled. Transport is in ambient boxes with ice pouches aiding temperature control. Ready for home freezing.
Hebridean lamb makes an unusual gift for family and friends, why not give something completely different. It is a gift that will be remembered.
Individual cuts of beef and lamb are available by request
Hebridean lamb makes an unusual gift for family or friends. Why not give something completely different? It’s a gift that will be remembered.

Individual cuts of beef and lamb are available by request

Local delivery is free (with in 20 miles)
Nationwide delivery is available


We have our fleeces made into wool. For a choice of splendid knitwear items from our wool please visit www.hebrideanwoolhouse.com. We also provide wool for a range of designer Hebridean knitwear available from www.hebrideanknitwear.com





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